Chronic Care Management Program

CHC's Multi-Disciplinary team can guide patients and their families to better manage their health through a patient-centered approach. To ensure continuity of care, CHC will assist in connecting you with physicians and other community service programs to meet both your healthcare and personal needs.


Our highly professional and compassionate staff is here to assist patients with chronic diseases and health conditions such as Diabetes, CHF, COPD, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's' disease, Urinary Tract Infections, Pneumonia, and others. We will help the patient understand their condition with easy to read educational packets and staff will teach the patient to live successfully with it. The work involves motivating patients to persist and helps them to achieve an ongoing, reasonable quality of life.


Counties Served:

Fulton, Montgomery, Herkimer, Schoharie, Saratoga, Hamilton, and Warren Counties