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Please contact Kathleen Kilmartin,PHR, SHRM-CP,  Director of Human Resources at 518-762-8215 x1058 for further information.

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The splendor of the season comes naturally to our area where the Southern Adirondack Park meets the Mohawk Valley. In an area so varied, beauty in abundant in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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CHC is proud to service Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schoharie, Hamilton, Herkimer, and Warren Counties.


Erin Kilmartin, RN

"I will have been with CHC for 2 years this July. I am a 2013 Graduate of the RN program at FMCC, and CHC is my first job as a RN. Why I love working for CHC--FLEXIBILITY--If one of my children has something going on at school I can attend and flex my day, usually this is around the holidays when my twins (2nd graders) make cookies, or put on plays, or receive awards at assemblies. It is not something that I believe I could routinely do anywhere else but CHC. TIME OFF--In the almost two years I have been with CHC, I have used approximately 180 hrs of vacation time and I have approximately 180 hrs of saved time. That's about 9 weeks off in 2 years!! I like to plan my vacation around when the kids have their vacations so we can plan events/trips together. RECOGNITION--I have always put 110% effort into any job that I have had, CHC is the first employer that has made me feel like my hard work, my quality, and my efforts were appreciated and recognized. This recognition can come from a peer, a supervisor, or the CEO--Millie. I have gotten several cards from Millie thanking me for doing a good job because a pt of mine has called in to say positive things about their care, or has written a thank you card to CHC. I have received gift cards, cash bonuses, and even raises completely out of the blue for no reason other than DOING my job and doing it well. TEAMWORK--CHC has been a great place for me to learn how to work with our interdisciplinary team to provide the best pt care we can. I am always in contact with our in house LPN's to manage pt schedules to accommodate their wishes, case conferencing with PT, OT, SLP, or RT on pt progress and future goals, working with supervisors to accommodate pt needs. COMPASSION--CHC will take on pt's that do not have insurance, CHC will provide supplies to pt's who cant afford supplies, CHC will provide services to pt's that insurance companies will not pay for. CHC always puts their pt's first. EDUCATION--CHC has been a great place for me to learn and become efficient with clinical skills. Coming out of nursing school, real hands on experience can be slim. Within the first year with CHC I became independent with wound vacs, IV infusions, PICC, and Port management, Pleura vacs, wound care, phlebotomy draws, CHEMO. I have been to several in house training programs focused on clinical mastery and pt safety, I have gone to the EDDY VNA in Troy for a class on IV therapies, In June of this year I will be attending the 3 day OASIS class and sit for the exam to become an OASIS certified RN. CHC is really vested in continued education. Why I wouldn't go anywhere else......I love my job, I am caring for pts in MY community that need our help. I go and see different things/people every day. I am not confined to a building or floor where I am dealing with the same co workers for 8 hours. I am appreciated and recognized, I feel like I am part of a TEAM that shares a common goal/purpose. Management is great to work with, they are always willing to stop what they are doing to assist you with anything you need. Great environment to be in and I am proud to say I am part of the CHC family!"

Counties Served:

Fulton, Montgomery, Herkimer, Schoharie, Saratoga, Hamilton, and Warren Counties